Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stream of Unconsciousness - I'm still drunk from last night and other mid-afternoon musings by Mathew Ward

The children are NOT the future.

Green(ness) is a trend and a marketing tool. To them. To me. To everyone.

Everyone thinks they can play the harmonica (including me) but then proceeds to demonstrate in the wrong key.

Everyone hates the Grammys because it’s - like - what you’re supposed to do. We can all love Kanye - all the time – except when he's performing at the Grammys. It’s our obligation as a 2009ers.

Speaking as an award show baby, I think the Grammys officially took the reins back from the VMAs. Which is to say Abel killed Cain this time. Which is to say every season the Grammys and the VMAs air, my friends and I seem to talk more and more about suicide.

My heaven is very gay, Bette Midler serves cocktails and drag queens perform as Barbara Stanwyck/Streisand.

I’m planning on doing acid next weekend to alleviate the pain. I’m planning on doing acid next weekend with a strange girl. A girl who is in town from up north or the Mid-West. A girl who arrived within the week and is in need of work and a hot meal.

It’s been all “global warming, global warming” in L.A. lately. It was 32 degrees last night. Which makes me think about all the homeless who died last night in the cold.

Not really.

Oh. And this:

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