Monday, January 19, 2009

annum BLOGa - a preview by Andreana Donahue

LA based artist Michael Hsiung has quickly become a favorite among West Coast emerging art circles and Flockflockflock readers!
Hsiung’s ink drawings are simple yet poetic narratives with clever titles. He most commonly chronicles the habits of quirky gentlemen, mythical creatures, odd couples, and timeless battles between Man and Beast (unitars, bears, kangaroos, etc...).
These anti-heroes will disarm you and make you laugh while secretly drinking all of your rum. But don’t be fooled by Hsiung’s casual humor. He’s a serious artist who means business. This mustachioed marksman had an impressive roster of fourteen exhibitions in 2008, which included the Helsinki Biennale in October.
He also contributes work for album covers, publications, and frequently appears in a plethora of online forums. Hsiung is beginning 2009 with a group show that ponders the passing of another year entitled Prescience hosted by Floating World Comics in Portland (through February 5). And he's contributing to Flockflockflock's upcoming ZINE!
Here's a piece that was not chosen for our zine but is, however, equally as delightful!

"despite warnings, the cowboy and chef meet for tea, ending awkwardly, during a full moon"

See more of Hsiung’s work at
- Andreana Donahue Main Gallery Owner