Monday, July 20, 2009

cut and paste preview 2!!!

Our 2nd cut and paste is almost done! We're scotch-taping the last bits together, firing up the scanner and priming our printheads right now! But before we release this little fold up beauty to the world, meet another of our awesome contributors... photographer Andrew James.

We love Andrew's quiet and contemplative compositions almost as much as we adore his dreamy difussions and desaturated pallet. Andrew sent us a handful of shots to choose from and we've already picked our favorite but check out the two beauties below for a sneak peak at why we selected Andrew as this issue's sole photo contributor.

"tree" by Andrew James

"untitled" by Andrew James

Flockflockflock cut and paste 2 "Last Ditch" out August 2009...
See you on the other side ;)
Jennifer Henry - Fff's steerless leader