Friday, January 9, 2009

TONIGHT!!! Las Vegas...

CES is in town, if you haven't noticed the mega advertisements for gadgetry covering every visible surface. And sure, you could go to the bars/clubs/TGI Friday's and hang out with all the porn stars but why would you when you could go to THREE totally awesome art openings in one night???
Well, you do what you want, we'll be Downtown...

Henri & Odette Within/Without Thomas Willis' Solo Exhibition

Main Gallery Wanderlust New Work by Adam Morey and Kim Virasone

The Fallout Mentalist and Medium New Work by Elizabeth Blau

And then maybe some porn stars. Just for good measure.

- Jennifer Henry Flockflockflock's Publitor

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DO AS I DO - "sellouts" by Mathew Ward

annum BLOGa


I learned this a while back and though I refuse to fully embrace it as an absolute reality, I've found it is often true. That being said, our lofty goals of a many page-ed "annum rasa" zine have been modified ever so slightly.

It's become a calendar, of sorts. Each month is accompanied by a work of art or a brief original text or a picture of your mom. It's really coming together quite well, if I do say so myself.

We're almost ready to shoot it off to the printer but before we do... TAKE THIS LAST CHANCE TO SEND US YOUR SUBMISSION! Seriously, this is it, no more chances after this one. I mean it, maybe.

Email what you've got to before Friday (January 9th, 2009) and I will let you know if your submission made it in by the following Monday. Deal?

In the mean time, check out my original blog on the subject: Paper Hat and the submissions we chose not to include in the zine but were more than worthy of a little blog action.

- Jennifer Henry Your Peerless Leader

"War at Sea" by Thirry Harlin. We like the "POW POW"s! This was sent in by one of our regular contributors, Mathew Ward. He's an L.A. lifer and when he was forwarded this image while behind his desk at [major television production studio reality tv division] he knew then that he wasn't the only one who had this infamous little dive bar on the mind.