Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tonight! Las Vegas...

We're going for the music (Vegas favs The Big Friendly Corporation, Neon Facade because we like their name and our friends the Restless DJs: MDY and Remy the Restless). But there's plenty of other reasons to attend IndieKrush and Pulsar's pre-Halloween party Say What?! vs Bring The Ruckus: Blood Orgy at Beauty Bar Las Vegas. Wear a costume and drinks are 1/2 price until Midnight and you qualify to win tickets to FABULOUS Las Vegas music festival on Halloween night!
Fake blood and short shorts = a costume. Don't disappoint.
- Jennifer Henry Wants to See Your Insides on the Outside

Friday, October 24, 2008

Meet Market

Meet Gino Ray Quartucci.He is 21.
He's in two bands: America...Yeah and Easysleeves.
His influences are Fellini, Bowie, Nietzsche, and the planets.
He is a proud father.
Photographed at the Gypsy Den by Bryan Hainer.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

pARTy! Las Vegas...

Tonight's the night Las Vegas!!!
There are only a few activities worth spending your time and money on. Supporting your local arts community is one of them. As for those other things worth spending your time and money on... I have two words for you. FREE. BOOZE. Bring your $60, tax deductible donation and an appetite for cupcakes. Did I mention that there will be a casino chip bikini up for auction? Be there, 6 o'clock sharp.

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- Jennifer Henry Will Be There

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tonight! Hollywood...

I have an abiding affection for French girls that can be explained with a brief, however illustrative anecdote. Last year I had a roommate from France. Her name was Amelie. No joke, her name was Amelie Bonet, pronounced “Bone-A,” of course. We were awesome roomies. We'd go out and get sloshed at the Shortstop, come back to our apartment together and wrestle each other to sleep. Of course it couldn’t last… she was way too, “say it to my face” and I was very, “you are one real bitch,” and the next thing I know, I’m the LAPD and she’s Zsa Zsa Gabor. Good times.

Parisian singer/songwriter SoKo is another crêpeland cutie who recently caught my attention. She writes songs about wet dreams, kissing girls and killing her ex-boyfriends girlfriends. All sung sweetly and truthfully with an innocent transcendence only 18 year olds can carry with conviction. She hardly ever comes to Los Angeles. In fact, she is calling tonight her first official L.A. gig.

SoKo reminds me of the artists MTV used to discover and uncover back in the early ‘90s. Daniel Johnston comes to mind (she references him in her song I Will Never Love You More). Only SoKo’s a lot cuter than and not nearly as bi-polar as Johnston. She is a dreamy enigma, singing from the heart and the groin with the same intensity. She is confused about her place in popular music and yet incredibly confident in her craft.

-Mathew Ward Unrepentant Francophile

go see her: Tonight! 10PM! La Boum @ Bardot (1737 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA)!


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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

If you don't know, now you know... Rebecca Turbow

New York based designer Rebecca Turbow first caught the attention of hipster fashionistas by sporting her own white and teal creations on the NYC party circuit. Cute, comfy and unassumingly iconic, Turbow's Safe Clothes have evolved from a kitsch collection of sci-fi separates into a sophisticated line of contemporary garments and accessories that even the anti-Mod Squad can embrace.
Safe Ring Knee Highs $15
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- Jennifer Henry Busy Bee