Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flockflockflockmade - NERD ALERT - Custom Made Candy Dress

When Brooke stopped by our vintage shop to pick-up a 70s ensemble for her talent show performance, our candy box/cellophane creations caught her eye...

And with a friend's Sweet-16/Halloween party on the horizon, she ordered a custom made party dress to match her sweet, smart and sassy sensibilities...

Inspired by this:
And with a little help from her Mom, Liz and a roll of this:

Brooke's candy inspired party dress was SUPER SWEET!!!
Order your own custom made candy/cellophane party dress from our Flockflockflockmade Etsy at:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flockflockflockmade - SWEET MEAT - Nicole's Butcheress Paper Dress

When our friend and patron, Nicole came up with the idea for a "packaged meat" costume for Halloween 2010, we were totally up for the challenge of creating a one of a kind paper dress!

Inspired by this...

we love www.superstock .com and thank them for the free image!

And with the help of this...

And a little of Nicole's special fake blood recipe... she was one sweet piece of meat!

click on the image to see a larger version

Many thanks to Krystal Ramirez for this fab pic!

And to Nicole for rockin' this killer look!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ffflockmade - Custom Cellophane - Gagagaga

A few weeks before Halloween 2010, Ambikorn ordered a custom made cellophane party skirt from our Flockflockflockmade Etsy...

get your own custom made cellophane skirt here

It was the very first cello piece we created to be shipped and taped on by the client herself!

We were a little worried that the final taping might get a bit... sticky. But as you can see, she put it together like a pro!

She sent us this pic of her dressed as Lady Gaga for a Halloween Costume Contest... that she WON!!!

Congrats Ambikorn! And thanks for the awesome feedback!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Working Girls - Vintage at the Office and After Hours

When our friend and frequent co-conspiritor photographer Jorge Novoa called to say he'd gained access to the El Cortez corporate offices (in all their old Downtown Las Vegas splendor) for an afternoon shoot, we jumped at the chance to style an office-appropriate vintage look book with our favorite sisters Kat and Val McKenzie.

What resulted was a blend of 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s back-of-house (Vegas lingo for office work) ready vintage looks with a set of quitting-time-cocktail dresses to kill.

We hope your stay has been a pleasure and we'll see you again real soon ;)

click on images to view larger version
sorry, these dresses are SOLD but please visit our Etsy store to purchase this scarf and jacket at:
click here to see scarf on Etsy click here to see tan jacket on Etsy

click on images to view larger version
chartruse cotton blend 40s dress, model's own

click on images to view larger version

red wool 60s wiggle dress, model's own
please visit our Etsy store to see the chiffon scarf and poly straw handbag at:
click here to see scarf on Etsy click here to see handbag on Etsy

click on images to view larger version

blue and black dresses, model's own
to see the gold chainlink belt and necktie, please visit our Etsy shop at:
sorry the necktie is sold sorry the gold chainlink belt is sold

Monday, June 21, 2010

To Die For - Cotton Candy prints on Etsy

Corlene and I can't decide if Cotton Candy is just the lazy heiress to a pair of matriarchal and patriarchal fortunes in her namesake commodities, tired out from a long afternoon of dressing...
Or maybe she's narcoleptic and like all her kind, when excitement from a fashionable discovery sends a spike of endorphins through her cerebellum, falls fast asleep on the spot.
Perhaps something more sinister is afoot... a mini marshmallow overdose and post sugar rush pass out... it's hard to say.
All we know for certain is that Cotton Candy read The Great Gatsby from her pastel satin cushioned window seat instead of attending her 13th birthday party and things have never been the same since.
- Jennifer Henry/Flockflockflock

Melissa Marth is... COTTON CANDY by Corlene Byrd on display at Flockflockflock thru June 30th, 2010

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find this in the Ffflockmade Etsy at

find this in the Ffflockmade Etsy at

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

MEET MARKET - our newest muse Candace Campbell

Meet the oh so lovely and talented Candace Campbell!
Behind the lens Candace is a high style hair and make-up maven and in front of the lens she's often pictured as a modern pin-up.
Hippie chic at heart, we love Candace best in what she loves, bohemian cuts in soft fabrics and American classic patterns.
These are photographer Corlene Byrd's favorite shots from their recent Sunday afternoon excursion in Downtown Las Vegas.
In August Candace tries out her sea legs in our next flockshot installation PAPERBOAT opening August 6th, 2010 at Flockflockflock Shop.

click on images to view large version

find this item in our Etsy store at

find this item in our Etsy store at

find this item in our Etsy store at

Monday, March 8, 2010

FFFALLING From Above - Flockflockflock Shoot Preview

This Saturday we spent the afternoon with two of our very favorite ladies... the lovely and talented Melissa Marth in front of the lens and the equally compelling and creative Corlene Byrd behind the lens.

Here's a teaser of what's to come...

click the image to see the extra large version

click the image to see the extra large version

We were looking for a Snow White type, willing to lie in the dirt and look etheral. Melissa made it better than we imagined.

Next stop, Photoshop.

model Melissa Marth/
styling/wardrobe by Jennifer Henry/Flockflockflock
photography & post by Corlene Byrd/The Corlene Machine

Thursday, March 4, 2010

FFFAN ART - Fancy Feedback

We love love love our vintage patrons!

Some of them have stumbled upon us at random out in the webiverse, some find us on Facebook, some follow us on Twitter, some are MySpace friends and some are people we get to love in person!

NerdCurry is a wonderfully funny lady with a penchant for colorful accessories and mixing patterns. She's been a vintage collector for a very long time and recently bought her first Flockflockflock piece from the Etsy vintage store!

We sent her this 70s Painted Peacock dress...

She sent us this...

And some equally awesome feedback on our ETSY!

It's stuff like this that makes us glad we can love love love her in person!