Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hipster Made

Cassette tapes were ever only good for two things: 120 minutes of sappy remember-when-we-were-in-love song mixes and this:
Our old friend the cassette tape is back and now instead of helping you harbor your romantic grudges it can hold your debit cards, spare change and tattered picture of your ex too! Italian designer Marcella Foschi created these handy cassette wallets to do just that. Choose your favorite complimentary color scheme or read the titles closely and pick from his collection of Euro cover artists. You’d be pretty classic popping one of these cassette wallets out of your genuine vintage 80s CASELOGIC walkman fanny pack…

- Michael Monson President of the I Want A Vodka Club

Friday, October 10, 2008

TONIGHT in Vegas

Okay, so maybe we're a little over excited about tonight but who could blame us? Not only has ///Restless DJ Remy the Restless returned from his trip to Norway but the Afghan Raiders are finally back from their month-long song writing hiatus and together with a handful of guest DJs and live bands it's bound to be an excellent evening.
Remy paraphrased the night well with: "Tonight's ///RESTLESS promises to be a total blast! SC's Culture Prophet is live and in the DJ booth. Local Las Vegas favs Afghan Raiders and up-and-comers Calvary are on the outdoor stage. Our friends Grimehaus are kicking the night off early at 9pm and our giveaway of brand new, hand pulled Deepcover x Restless tees starts at 10pm. Oh, and of course MDY and I will be bringing the freshness all night with tracks you've never heard on a Vegas dance floor, as usual."
- Jennifer Henry Flockflockflock Publitor

For a taste of what you'll hear tonight, check out the playlist ///Restless put together for the latest issue of Flockflockflock at

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aural Fixations

Six Barragan’s $2.49 margaritas , a bowl of albondigas (meat ball soup, real LA Mexican food, try it, you’ll like it), and I’m cabbing it home with a Little One who prefers dancing with herself to dancing with a stranger (me) but doesn’t seem to mind going to said stranger’s (still me) house to "listen to records."
Never mind that I only own 4 pieces of vinyl… a few old Beatles LPs and a Presets remix but fuck it. Then I realize that I don’t have a record player. No matter, YouTube provides us with an even better opportunity to out-obscure-music-knowledge each other in classic 23rd Century style. She types in “Beach House, Gila, the video.”
Is it a tranny or just an undiscernibly aged, slightly pudgy, unisex-y hipster? Either way, I like his voice and the video is creepier than the stranger she’s playing it for (lucky me).
Mathew Ward – Silverlake’s Unofficial Creep Master

Beach House: Gila

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