Monday, February 9, 2009


This Friday, February 13th is the official release date for Flockflockflock's very 1st cut and paste ZINE!!! We're only printing a limited quantity so if you're not luck enough to be friends with one of our illustrious contributors (and there for the recipient of one of their copies)...

like photography artist Bryan Hainer

photography and graphics work by Bryan Hainer

or painter/jewelry maker/style sophisticate Carrie Vail

"heart left" sketchbook page by Carrie Vail

or illustration artist/story teller Michael Hsiung

More on the affection of the man towards his bear suit and the discomfort it caused others by Michael Hsiung

then check back Friday morning for a special blog post on where to pick up your FREE copy!!!
- Jenhen Crafter of the Universe

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