Friday, February 13, 2009


If you've reached this page by following the URL printed at the top of Flockflockflock's "love you" cut and paste ZINE insert - we love you even more than before. Please note, your moustache is a sticker, simply peel off the paper backing and stick it wherever you like.

If you have no idea what we're talking about, please send your proper name and mailing address to and we'll send you a FREE copy of our "love you" ZINE so you too can fully enjoy the experience of Buddy Cole.

This piece was inspired by a number of strange situational juxtapositions that have occurred over many months. The first was a conversation I had with Ryan Marth of The Big Friendly Corporation. We discussed a particular Kids in the Hall skit in which the same actor who plays the infamous Buddy Cole (KITH's Scott Thompson) declared "WE ARE ALL SAUSAGES!" Ryan had no recollection of this episode and some months later, when presented with the opportunity to purchase the complete collection of KITH on DVD he did so, which led to his inevitable encounter with the "Love and Sausages" skit previously discussed.
Sometime later he lent me the DVD so I might better recall the details of the skit, of which I had only a hazy recollection from my adolescent years in front of the TV. Upon watching the episode I realized that the story was not, in fact, about sausages but it was a love story in which sausages were a gift of anonymous affection not unlike a valentine. On the same DVD was a unique Buddy Cole skit where we encounter the flamboyant bar owner perched upon a gravestone in a cemetery. In the monolog that follows, Buddy shares with us a celebratory remembrance of his late friend and a glimpse of the momento he left behind.

Aside from that, all of our contributors to the Flockflockflock “love you” cut and paste ZINE have an affinity for moustaches… Mathew Ward's heartfelt sentiment lies on the center of a face in his visual work “I hope you’re happy”, Michael Hsiung’s charming characters often sport ‘staches, Bryan Hainer’s own visage is home to the moustache’s more triumphant cousin the beard and I recently encouraged our designer Brian Henry to grow a moustache, which delighted Carrie Vail on her latest visit to Las Vegas.

We love Buddy Cole and we hope you do too.
-Jennifer Henry Loves You

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