Thursday, December 11, 2008

Paper Hat - Flockflockflock Call For Contributors

There’s an old saying… he who wears many hats is last to lose his head. It’s supposed to mean that cultivating a variety of skills ensures longevity. Or maybe it means that guillotine greedy mobs are easily fooled by a quick change of chapeau. Either way, words to live by.

So far Flockflockflock has been a webzine, a culture blog, a t-shirt foundry and an online vintage store. The way we figure it, paper is the only medium we haven’t dabbled in… hence the need to ZINE! That’s right, we’re cutting and pasting for the newest edition of Flockflockflock, a print and bind paper version of our online awesomeness.

Here’s where you come in. We need single page contributions in all shapes and forms. Pictures, poems, snide asides, scans of your belly button lint fashioned into a miniature sculpture of the Statue of Liberty, a rant, a doodle, a few bars of a song you wrote on your recorder in 3rd grade, a Photoshop experiment gone very very wrong. Whatever.

Seriously, whatever you want to submit, do. Chances are we’ll love it. And if we don’t, we’ll publish it on the web. If you still need a bit of guidance, the zine theme is “annum rasa.” It’s Latin. “Annum” = year/a year’s time/the period between now and the next time it’s now. “Rasa” = blank/empty/new/unused/ripe with potential.

If we print your submission in the zine, you’ll get an annum rasa issue t-shirt, our undying appreciation and bragging rights. If we pub your submission on the web, you get a free issue of the zine. If you don’t submit anything, you get nothing, except yet another opportunity to feel sorry for yourself. Them are the breaks.

Deadline: January 5th, 2009
Email all submissions to:
Or if it’s not email-able, email for further instructions
Watch your head.
<3 Fff