Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aural Fixations

Slacker (http://www.slacker.com), the Internet's best free streaming radio site, has introduced me to a great many bands including The Greens Keepers, RATATAT and !!!. Today's gem: Parisian dance rockers Black Strobe and their back alley Electric Barbarella meets gay dungeon techno ditty Me and Madonna.

On tour now, check their upcoming Euro dates at http://www.myspace.com/blackstrobe

- Brian Henry Flockflockflock's Main Man


remy said...

excellent clip!
an oldie (in blogville, at least) but a goodie.

Flockflockflock EVERYDAY said...

I liked the song but the karmic nonsensicalness of the video cinched it.

I guess that's what I really love about things like Slacker (and about FffED), it isn't so much about celebrating things simply because they're new, it's more about sharing your inspirational encounters with others who might gleen their own from it.

Like a community stash box for culture junkies. Maybe.