Monday, February 16, 2009

Love Letters - Part II

In September 2008 we published a webzine version of Flockflockflock which contained - among other spectacular editorial/visual offerings - a Pro and Cons essay piece featuring everyone's favorite 80s icon/punching bag, President Ronald Reagan.

Sometime later we received a set of late night emails from a would-be contributor who strongly objected to our publishing a positive depiction of Reagan as well as a more critical view of his 2 terms in office. In celebration of President's Day we've posted these emails for our Flockflockflock EVERYDAY readers as well as a link to the original essays that spurred them.

Please note that Jennifer Henry wrote the affirmative piece (presented on the right side of the page, in white, under the heading "Sycophants") and Tommy Marth wrote the creative and compelling contrary piece (presented on the left side of the page, in black, under the heading "Naysayers").

At Flockflockflock we celebrate diversity in all things, be it politics, music or any of the material arts and although our contributors often share a common pallet (as defined by taste and fundamental means of expression) we have never asked that they modify their views nor sought out only contributors with a particular set of views, in an attempt to craft an idealogically homogenous product. We think that's lame/close minded/boring.

A very special thanks to writer/musician Tommy Marth for allowing us to post this blog with the email writer's incoherent-however-still-offensive ad hominem attack against him. And please note that Flockflockflock has omitted the email writer's name and email address as a courtesy.

email #1:
----- Original Message -----
(name ommitted, Fff)
To: Jennifer Henry
Sent: Saturday, November 08, 2008 12:05 AM
Subject: i have a few things to contribute to your blog BUT

the tommy marth piece on reagan totally GROSSED ME OUT.

i have met tommy a few times. for someone involved in the drug addled new wave yuppie club scene of las vegas.. i mean.. at first it makes sense that he wants to defend a celluloid non-hero FUCKING NEO NAZI PIECE OF SHIT like ronald reagan. but at the same time i thought your website was going to be a little more progressive minded than including pieces that seemingly defends a person and administration that single handedly set back the progress of our country's notions of equality and human rights by about oh... SIXTY YEARS.

the years of ronald reagan and his administration brought the worst kind of backwards thinking this country has seen since the fifties post war mentality. if someone "cool" like tommy marth wants to even jokingly defend that asshole and his fourth reich, that's all well and good. but the title sycophant might not be the most appropriate for the section you placed his commentary in. REDNECK DEFENDING RETARD might be more fitting.

perhaps i misread the whole thing. but really. i was about to submit a piece about pro choice and ads in subways promoting pro life ideals. i don't want my opinion to be involved with ANYTHING defending that piece of shit RR and his failed dynasty. i'll save it for the blog i'm launching early 2009 i guess?

someone needs to tell mr. marth nevada is a blue state now. and hopefully they are never looking back. maybe he should move to kentucky? mississippi? blech.

(name omitted, Fff)

email #2:
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(name omitted, Fff)
To: Jennifer Henry
Sent: Saturday, November 08, 2008 12:15 AM
Subject: wait!!!!

reading the blurb for the like.. tenth time i realize maybe it was you who wrote the section on reagan and how great he was??? SAY IT ISNT SO!!!!!!!!????

aside from the format totally confusing the crap out of me... (three of my friends reading along currently agree) i mistakenly thought tommy wrote the pro rr rant... but it may have been you????

again... say it isnt so!!!! tell me you don't believe that horse shit... ronald reagan was one of our top five worst presidents. ever. hands down. glorified movie star prick turned politician. and his wife... don't even get me started... just say no... how about..: HEY NANCY, good try talking to a generation of people addicted to drugs partly because your husband okayed their implementation into ghettoes in the first year of his presidency! through goevernment issued projects and well paid drug lords in minority slums.

i know it's late here, but OH MY GOD.... so disappointed that anyone thinks ronald reagan was a good president.... listen to some black flag dude... UGH???!!!

(name omitted, Fff)

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