Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aural Fixations

Six Barragan’s $2.49 margaritas , a bowl of albondigas (meat ball soup, real LA Mexican food, try it, you’ll like it), and I’m cabbing it home with a Little One who prefers dancing with herself to dancing with a stranger (me) but doesn’t seem to mind going to said stranger’s (still me) house to "listen to records."
Never mind that I only own 4 pieces of vinyl… a few old Beatles LPs and a Presets remix but fuck it. Then I realize that I don’t have a record player. No matter, YouTube provides us with an even better opportunity to out-obscure-music-knowledge each other in classic 23rd Century style. She types in “Beach House, Gila, the video.”
Is it a tranny or just an undiscernibly aged, slightly pudgy, unisex-y hipster? Either way, I like his voice and the video is creepier than the stranger she’s playing it for (lucky me).
Mathew Ward – Silverlake’s Unofficial Creep Master

Beach House: Gila

More Beach House...

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